About us

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
Our experience team is committed to every of our customers’ requirements from start to finish.

As a home owner ourselves, we always put our position in the home owners’ shoes – understanding from their angles, try our best to guide them, and offering help from the beginning to the end of the renovation process to fulfil their dream home design. That’s what we are best of – providing all our customers a true home.

Interior Design

With more than 10 years of Interior Design experience. Our team focuses on creative yet practical home design ideas. Materialising design ideas into real homes.

Renovation Services

We offer a wide range of renovation services including hacking, floor & wall tiles, carpentry works, plumbing works, electrical works, painting amongst others.

Space Planning & Furniture Layout

Plan to spruce up your current house with minimal overhaul? We provide space planning and furniture layout to make your home look almost like new.


Out-of-the-Box ideas

Design and creating spaces beyond the limits. Regardless of sizes, we try to maximise the spaces for usable functions. Creating an unique, interesting and homely design for our customers.


Punctuality as a virtue

We are equally as eager as the home owner to preview the fruits of our hard works. We hope to complete and deliver the project as per the schedule without delay. And we never do!


Getting 5 stars service

As a Singapore based company, we hope to provide the best to our own folks and do our best to provide our best service and advices at a reasonable price. Don’t believe? Call us now!

We deliver homes with a style
Picture speaks a thousand words. Check out our portfolio and you shall judge.
We are fortunate to work with fantastic corporate clients and home owners who appreciate our design works
Our Approach

Always provide clear advices and suggestions to our clients. Not afraid of being transparent but afraid of being mistaken. “WYSIWYG” is one of our deliverables to our client. We aim to provide happiness at the end of the day.

Our Goal

Being one of the best “personal” interior designer to every of our clients. We hope our project will not be a one-off deal. Whether if it’s a simple advice without cost, we would do so to help our client!

We believe in business and people growth
Smartness wins a fight, but teamwork and collaboration win a battle.

Whether I am eating, walking, or sleeping, I never stop thinking of design. It’s in my DNA.

David Chan
Managing Director

It takes hands to build a house. But only hearts can build a home.

Wai Leong
Project Manager

Making your every cents count and worthy.

Sharon Ow
Finance & Operation Director

Turning ideas into perspectives. Bringing perspective to live.

Jeffrey Xie
3D Drawing Specialist